Edinson Volquez ready to start Game 5 after his dad’s death

Volquez was back with the team Saturday, just before the start of Game 4, and watched Kansas City move to the brink of the franchise’s second World Series title with a 5-3 victory.


David Wright and Curtis Granderson homered, rookie Noah Syndergaard pitched six effective innings and the New York Mets roughed up the Kansas City Royals 9-3 Friday night, cutting their World Series deficit to 2-1. “I like what they’ve done all year long”. “It’s like Chris Young when his dad passed away [in late September]”.

Cespedes, who had a painkiller injection in a shoulder last week, was 1 for 10 with no RBIs in the opening two games. His dad would want him to be on that mound and helping his team win. “She chose to tell me later. I’m pretty sure my dad is gonna be proud of me to pitch tomorrow”, Volquez said after the Royals won Game 4 on Saturday. So I was kind of keeping my eye, didn’t want him to hear about it, I was keeping my eye on him.

On September 26, Chris Young lost his father, Charles, to cancer, while Royals’ third baseman, Mike Moustakas lost his mother, Connie to cancer on August 9.

“If my wife told me, ” he said, “I don’t even know if I’m going to be able to pitch”. “I expect Eddie to be there and ready to go for Game 5, ” he said.

Volquez, the Royals right-hander, has been in the Dominican Republic since Wednesday attending the funeral of his father, Daniel, who died on Tuesday.

Earlier this week, teammates Salvador Perez and Alcides Escobar both said Volquez was aware of what had transpired before he took the mound. I’m going to take the ball tomorrow. “It’s tough, but Chris had that mind-set that his dad would want him on that mound and he was going to go out and honor that”.

Yost said he is unconcerned about the possibility that Volquez hasn’t worked out or thrown a baseball since leaving the team.

However, during the game, conflicting reports surfaced about whether or not Volquez himself was aware of his father’s death.

Volquez is 1-2 with a 4.37 ERA in four starts this postseason. “So, you are challenged by that, the grief, yet you know what would make him, proud and make him happy and that is to go out and do what you do best and that is pitch”. But, I also know that we’re coming into their park and their fans. Right now he’s got something else to pitch for, and that’s the memory of his dad. It’s unclear if Volquez did any throwing during his three days at home.


When he was a prospect in the Texas Rangers organization more than a decade ago, Edinson Volquez learned about the importance of keeping off-field matters from affecting his pitching.

Edinson Volquez