Facebook is Ready to Shift Focus on Other Parts of Internet.Org

“If there’s any content that’s promoting terrorism or sympathizing with ISIS or anything like that”, said Zuckerberg, “we’ll… get those people off the service”.


Away from Internet.org, Zuckerberg was asked about Apple’s recent stance on encryption backdoors, following CEO Tim Cook’s open letter to the United States government. I don’t think that requiring back doors to encryption is either going to be an effective thing to increase security or is really the right thing to do. “Could be a troubling precedent”.

Facebook was ready to assist its network operators to deliver enough data to consumers, also indicating more of the industry’s demand. Between helping to develop the Gear VR’s hardware and now snapping up over a billion Korean won in hardware reference units to develop software with, Facebook is positioning themselves to be a prime contender in the VR space.

Speaking on Monday, however, Mr Zuckerberg denied that Free Basics was part of a commercial master plan.

Three hundred and sixty degree video and ultimately virtual reality will become mainstream ways of “sharing experiences” that will drive the next wave of mobile network upgrades, according to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook. “We view this as a long-term investment we need to make”. “A lot of people think that companies don’t care about anything other than making money”. Some 19 million people have connected for the first time worldwide in 38 countries, thanks to Free Basics, with one million of those in India.

“Every country is different…the models that may work in one country may not work in another”.

Mr. Zuckerberg said that Facebook will be working to roll out different programs in India.

“We’re sympathetic with Apple on this one”, he said.

Zuckerberg argued that the rise of video-and live streaming, in particular-offers people a raw, unfiltered medium through which to share moments, unlike platforms like Instagram, where users often strive for perfection.

Telecom Infra Project (TIP) aims to bring together various telecom operators, network infrastructure providers, system integrators, and other technology companies to work on the development and deployment of new technologies and network infrastructure.


On the argument given by telcos to have same service same rules, the Facebook founder said that as an operator setting up towers, its business is different.

Zuckerberg: 'VR is going to be the most social platform'