Facebook Messenger adds live translation feature

Brands and advertisers build the augmented reality filters that people can then put on their Instagram videos. The AR creation tools are free to use, but Marcus adds that brands will tend to buy ads on Messenger and Facebook to drive consumers to experiences, thereby providing a path to monetization for Facebook. Current brands signed up for the beta of Facebook’s new AR platform include Sephora, KIA, Nike and ASUS.


A Messenger feature also unveiled at the developers conference allows companies to send “bubbles” that can be clicked on to trigger augmented reality experiences through smartphone cameras. The goal is for companies to build more useful chatbots that don’t disappoint users by giving confusing or off-target responses. This was showcased via a collaboration with Nike, where users can unlock an AR experience that showcases one of the company’s new sneakers, walk up to it and examine the shoe.

Facebook on Tuesday gave its popular Messenger app the ability to translate messages in real time, deploying artificial intelligence to enable text conversations between people using different languages. “The addition of augmented reality into the Kia Bot for Facebook Messenger allows us to provide today’s auto buyers with an extended interaction on the social platforms they use most”.

Messenger VP David Marcus said that the redesigned Messenger app will be coming “very, very soon” and it’s something that the team has been slugging away at for a few months now.

Similar augmented-reality features have thrived on retailer apps such as Amazon.com Inc. and Ikea, which let people see how a toaster or couch would look in a room.

Among other things, the app is set to receive a dark mode which is appreciated since it’s easy on the eyes.

Currently, the translation feature only works for Spanish and English speakers, but more languages will debut later, Facebook said. Getting them together makes a great deal of sense – and since we now know how fast and loose Facebook can be with personal data, they should have no trouble sharing their mores with each other (and myriad marketing agencies too).

M Translations will initially be capable of English to Spanish translation and vice versa, in Marketplace conversations taking place in the US.


For those running businesses and rely heavily on Facebook Messenger, there are two big announcements to be aware of.

Facebook debuts Messenger AR and translation tools for businesses