Farmers report pumpkin shortage for 2015

A few pumpkin crops were down by about half from a year ago because of heavy rains this summer. The bad weather apparently delayed the planting season, then destroyed blossoms that would have turned into the sweet winter squash.


The glucose pumpkins are mature mainly in Illinois, that generates about 90per cents along the gives annually. Halloween pumpkins are very different from those used for food. Here are four alternatives fit for your autumn consumption.


O’Hearn says there should be enough supply to fill our pumpkin pies through Thanksgiving – but after that, she says, there’s going to be a shortage until the next harvest. “We won’t have much “reserve” stock – if any at all – to carry us into the new year”. Libby’s processes all the pumpkin it buys at a plant in Illinois. “And it doesn’t look like that cushion is going to be there this year”. Libby’s, the leading USA producer of canned pumpkin, has reported that its 2015 pumpkin yields are down 50% as compared to a year ago due to record-high summer rainfall that damaged the crop, according to Nestle SA, Libby’s parent company. “They kind of assumed we had a corn maze if we had a pumpkin patch”. But when stores sell out, they will likely stay out until next year’s harvest. Not that pumpkin pie is a major staple for Easter or Memorial Day. “It’s what goes along with that”.

The great pumpkin shortage of 2015