Fast and Furious: Action never Ends

5th sequel to the original Fast and Furious, this is the 6th version of the movie that is also called Fast Six or Furious Six. This movie is a crime thriller that has been directed by Justin Lin and written by Chris Morgan. Dwayne Johnson is the star attraction of the movie and the other characters in the movie have been played by Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, and Gal Gadot. The movie is very fast paced that leaves little time for the audiences to think. For the fans of the series though, this movie is a treat.



It is fast paced and very entertaining

Fast and Furious is a global franchise of the movies made about car racing and this time they have banked upon theFast and Furious reliable cast of Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel, and Paul walker to produce a action thriller in a new continent. The movie has everything that a diehard fan of Fast and Furious loves, fast paced cars, great cinematography, situational comedy, and some breathtaking action that Dwayne Johnson has come to be associated with. In fact, so fast paced is the movie that the director not only gives a summary of the past 5 versions of the movie in the first 5 minutes but also takes the audiences from Canary Islands to London and even Moscow.


Just forget about the story and watch the action

It would be foolish top expect a great storyline in such a fast paced movie about cars. In fact, all fast and Furious movies look the same though it has to be said to the credit of the director that every successive version is better than the previous one. And Fast Six and Furious Six is no exception. Director Lin has somehow managed to keep the audiences glued to their seats with breathtaking action, speeding cars and chase sequences, more cruel villains, grander fights, and so on.

fats-and-the-furiousLetty, the heartthrob of Dom, was killed in the 4th version of the movie but she has been shown alive in fast Five. And the audience now learns that she is working with a devilish character named Shaw for another team. Shaw is believed by Special Agent Hobbs (played by none other than Dwayne Johnson)   to be working on some special warfare and he needs the help of Dom to prevent Shaw from building it. The team arrives in Moscow to track Shaw but all Dom is interested in is seeing Letty again. Letty on her part has no clue about the devilish designs of Shaw.


The plot is thin and the director is walking on thin ice trying to strike a balance between successive car chases and the story but it is the technological marvel and cinematography that holds the pieces together. He also makes use of humor to bind the story together and he is surprisingly successful as the audience feels light amidst all the heavy action and drama. All in all, a great movie for all F&F fans around the world.

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  1. Gina Carano may not be a great actress, but she’s still a better actress than Kristen Stewart …

  2. Jared

    Saw this last night,The storyline wasn’t top notch but it wasn’t bad either. Gina Carano and Luke Evans were nice additions. If you liked Fast 6 then you will be a fan of this movie. I give it about a 4 stars as it’s a good movie with some flaws but nothing enough to ruin the movie.

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