Fernando Alonso Clarifies About The Rumors Of His Supposed Move From Ferrari To Red Bull

Recently, the rumor that Fernando Alonso is thinking of making a move from Ferrari to Red Bull began making the rounds. In the end, Alonso stepped in to clarify that he has no such plans and will stick with Ferrari till the end of his career. “It was only rumors” Alonso is quoted as saying. “A lot of rumours – about Red Bull, about a sabbatical year. So many rumours. I have three and a half more years with Ferrari, which I intend to respect and hopefully increase a little” he further added.


Alonso also completely ruled out the possibility of a sabbatical next year, saying it was “never an option” and that he is in the “best moment” of his career “with the best experience and performing at the best time.” “I will not lose any opportunity [to race] now. I know I am still in very good shape for maybe four, five more years, so for these for sure I will give 100% of my passion, which is motorsport” explained the two time champion. “After these four or five years I will see what condition I am in and if I am performing well” he also added.

Alonso as most fans of the sport might remember won consecutively in 2005 and 2006. He was a part of Renault at that point. Then in 2010 he made a move to Ferrari and came agonizingly close to winning, not only in the first year of him joining the team, but also last year. Unfortunately, Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull beat him on both occasions to secure the number 1 position on the podium. Once again this year Alonso is a strong contender for the championship, but again his nemesis Vettel is leading the scoreboard.


All hope is not yet lost for Alonso, who is 46 points behind the leader, as he might still be able to make lost ground in the remaining 8 races this year. “We are not at the moment achieving the results we want but we are working very hard” said Alonso possibly echoing the thoughts of his fans and his team’s. Alonso is also pretty optimistic that in the forthcoming races he will close the gap between him and Vettel. If he manages what he is claiming, we are headed for a nail-biting finish to the season.