Final farewells to Sen. John McCain begin at Arizona Capitol

US Representative Ron DeSantis, a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump who won his party’s nomination on Tuesday, made the remarks on Fox News and immediately came under fire for their negative racial undertones. McCain, a former US Navy pilot who endured 5-1/2 years as a prisoner of war after his aircraft was shot down over Hanoi during the Vietnam War, went from military service into a decades-long political career.


Democrats immediately decried DeSantis’ comment as racist.

“I give you my word that whatever Andrew asks of me, I will do, because this election again is about Florida, the future of Florida”, Graham said.

He will take on Rep. Ron DeSantis, who prides himself on his closeness with President Trump, who enthusiastically backed him. “I’m going to try to stay high… and talk about the future of this state”. Gillum has said he is confident the investigation has nothing to do with him.

Democrats called that a “racist dog whistle”.

The DeSantis campaign said it would be “absurd” to characterize his remarks as racist. “We do not condone this language and wanted to make our viewers aware that he has since clarified his statement”. DeSantis contends that this anti-business attitude would undo the economic gains Florida made under Republican Gov. Rick Scott’s leadership. The super PAC was responsible for attacks on Graham that labeled her as too much like a Republican to be acceptable to Democrats. But he acknowledged in a recent interview that it would be “big” to be Florida’s first black governor.

In Orange, Gillum was behind Graham in mail-in voting, which began in late July, but pulled ahead of her in early voting beginning August 16 and outpolled her on election day nearly 2 to 1. He said voters shouldn’t “monkey this up” by electing a guy with a socialist agenda.

“Let’s build off the success we’ve had on Governor Scott”, DeSantis said.

But there also are big questions about whether an ardent liberal can win a swing state like Florida, which Trump carried in 2016.

Hours after Ron DeSantis, the Trump-supported GOP nominee for Florida governor, said he hoped the state’s voters would not “monkey this up” by electing his opponent, who is black, the Democratic nominee said he won’t be “getting into the gutter” with DeSantis.

Gillum faces Republican U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis, who also won by turning out his Trump-supporting base to defeat the once-favorite Adam Putnam. “People are starting to wake up and realize what we need for America and that is people who care and who have served and that want to make a better America where we work for it and it’s not just handed to us”. Over the past two years he has stood out as a key rival and critic of US President Donald Trump.

McSally is a congresswoman who defeated two other Republicans Tuesday night to win the party’s nomination in the race to succeed retiring GOP Sen.


Trump weighed in Wednesday on Twitter saying that not only did DeSantis win but that “his opponent in November is his biggest dream”.

Andrew Gillum