Firefox 41 Released, Firefox 42 In Beta

A new personalization feature has been added that provides desktop users with an option to upload a profile picture to Firefox. With addition of these features and Mozilla coming up with new updates every six weeks, with next release to be in sometime in November, we expect its popularity to increase among masses. Ordinarily, I don’t encourage people to use beta products, but my experience with Firefox 42 has been smooth so far.


Most of the other changes rolled out with the latest Firefox update are minor tweaks in the browser’s personalization capabilities.

Based on search terms used on Google earlier this week, interest in Skype alternatives peaked dramatically during the day on Monday after a reported network problem left many users of the Microsoft -owned service unable to log in or update their statuses.

The voice and video conversations using the Firefox Hello feature have a decent quality and work quite effortlessly.

Now not only is there a button on the Firefox toolbar, you can also send and receive instant messages while you are in a video call.

One of the best things about the Mozilla Foundation, and its Firefox browser, is the “openness;” the beta version is open to anyone who cares to tinker with it, as long as they understand that it may have some rough edges. While not necessarily a problem for relatively high-end systems, plenty of midrange computers get grumpy if a process sucks down that much RAM – and applications that use that much memory also have a tendency to bog down in general.

If you want to join in then you will need the latest browsers – Firefox 18 and Chrome 25 beta.

Mozilla Firefox v41 was launched for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android on Tuesday with a few prominent updates. Not only that, but Bookmark detection has improved, ensuring that users don’t save duplicates of bookmarks.


Tracking Protection is available in Firefox for Android, Windows, OS X and Linux, while audio indicators are only available for the desktop versions of Firefox and not the Android version of the web browser.

Firefox 41 Features A Built In Instant Messenger