Firefox and Chrome users HATE this new Windows 10 feature

We’re used to talking about how Facebook and Google use our personal data. That is normally a good thing, especially as Microsoft plans to add features regularly, rather than wait for the next major release.


When Windows 10 was first announced, there were rumours that the OS will change the world of computers forever. I think that description goes too far.

Launched last week, the new Windows 10 operating system arrived with a bang, installing on about 18 million machines by Monday. But what if kind of hate Bing’s search engine? From there, it is about clicking the “reserve your free upgrade” in the App window, and enter your email for confirmation of reservation.

With such a high level of downloads, there have been errors and bugs in Windows 10.

The most active data collector is Cortana, the virtual assistant.

Search bar: The search bar is now pinned to the bottom band on your screen. As on Windows Phone, you can ask questions about the weather or famous pop stars, get directions home, set reminders, and more besides. The company wants to position the operating system as an ongoing product that is constantly updated, calling it “Windows as a service”.

Click the circle-square icon to get to Cortana’s settings. Windows 10 is spying on you say several reports and they are right. Updates to Windows and Defender, the built-in antivirus, will still come through.

HoloLens, the virtual-reality headset from Microsoft, is a Windows 10 device, meaning the holographic technology is built into the OS. Microsoft also recently handed over its display ad business to Verizon’s AOL, which should accelerate that decline. “You can turn the Speech, inking, and typing setting (which is called Getting to know you) on or off in Settings“.

In this example we’re using Chrometana for Chrome but there are other ones around if this one doesn’t quite meet your needs. All of these are turned on if you use the “express” setup in Windows 10.

While you are at it you should also review the privacy settings and switch off everything you are not comfortable with.

According to the firm, Windows 10 offers one experience that will become available on the broadest range of devices, including PCs, tablets, phones, Raspberry Pi, Xbox One, HoloLens and more – with more than 2,000 devices or configurations already in testing. This isn’t necessarily a problem, but you should understand what’s going on.

As you would expect from a Pro version there is also support for Remote Desktops, virtualisation, Group Policy Management, and access to the Windows 10 Business Store. You can still get a full-screen start page, but it’s not forced on you.

Get updated drivers for your hardware.

There’s little if any indication that there will be a Windows 11. Not only are consumers loving the wildly successful Windows 10 and its associated Start Menu, but the respected Industrial Designers Society of America agrees.


With Mac computers and previous versions of Windows, you can resize windows however you like.

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