For Her Humanitarian Services Anjelina Jolie To Receive An Honorary Oscar

Well, we won’t know until the ceremony next year, who the winners of the Oscars are, except for one which would be given to Angelina Jolie. This Oscar is an honorary one and would be given to her for her humanitarian services. “We pay tribute to those people who have made an incredible contribution to the field of activity” the president of the Academy of Cheryl Boone Isaacs was quoted as saying regarding this award. She further added “we look forward to the winners of this year and look forward to when we can get together with their colleagues and friends to celebrate their outstanding achievements.”


Seeing her continued efforts in humanitarian endeavors, the UN appointed her as its special ambassador of goodwill. As a part of this appointment, Jolie has to visit countries facing different kinds of humanitarian crises. She on her part not only does this, but has also set up a number of charitable foundations for various causes. Recently, Jolie did another really brave thing, which was spoken and written about plenty all over the world. She underwent mastectomy for both her breasts to rule out any risk of breast cancer.

Jolie on her part feels that this move by her will give women everywhere the courage to combat the risk of breast cancer. Along with Jolie a few other known names of Hollywood shall be receiving the honorary awards and they include, Angela Lansbury, Steve Martin and the Italian designer Piero Tosi.

The Jean Hearsholt Award that this honorary Oscar has been christened was established in 1956 to honor the humanitarian contributions of those in film world. The winner for this award is chosen by members of the Academy and it is done via voting. The award was named after the Danish actor and translator Jean Hearsholt to honor his untiring humanitarian efforts that he undertook during his lifetime. For those unaware, Jolie in the past has won an Oscar for her histrionic abilities too. It was for the movie “Girl, Interrupted” and she won the Oscar for a supporting role.

Jolie’s beliefs and convictions have also shone through in movies like “A Mighty Heart” and her directorial debut “In the Land of Blood And Honey”. Here’s hoping she continues with her efforts and at the same time keeps entertaining us with her great performances on the silver screen.



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  1. I love Angelina! She is such a great person with feelings. She cares about humans.

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