Found 850 Snakes In The Home Of An Animal Control Officer

Can you even imagine witnessing 850 snakes all at once and that too in somebody’s home? Astonishing as it might sound, 850 snakes were found in two garages of an animal control officer from New York. Turns out, the man was involved in an illegal trade of these snakes. The man’s collection also included two Burmese pythons, which is absolutely illegal to own in the state of New York. The authorities estimated the man’s snake collection at around half a million dollars.


The authorities also revealed as to why owning a Burmese python is illegal. Reportedly, two young boys in Canada were killed by an African rock python while they were asleep. SPCA chief Roy Goss remarked that Burmese pythons are primarily so dangerous because they grow up to 30 feet in length and are hence “an accident waiting to happen.”

The officer in question Richard Parrinello has been working with the animal control department since 1988. It was when the authorities were at his residence to ascertain whether Parrinello was working somewhere else while on disability that they stumbled upon the truckload of snakes in his garage. Parrinello was also caught on camera boasting about his huge collection of snakes and turtles kept in his garage. Investigators kept a close vigil on Parrinello for nearly a week before springing into action.

Parrinello has not only been slapped with charges for owning the pythons illegally, but also for running a business from his garage without a permit. The Department of Environmental Conservation has also pulled up Parrinello on two charges. The authorities have revealed that Parrinello is cooperating with the investigating officers. Well, come to think of it he has very little choice but to do so.


Reportedly, the pythons would be sent to an animal sanctuary in Massachusetts, but it isn’t clear yet where the other snakes will be sent. Many would also probably be curious if any of the 850 snakes were poisonous. Undoubtedly, Parrinello’s neighbors aren’t very happy regarding what he has been up to. How would you react if you learnt that your neighbor has close to a thousand snakes hidden in his garage? Share with us your views.