Game On. Democrats Mount Challenge for Key Senate Seat

“Governor Gridlock Maggie Hassan has failed to move New Hampshire forward – and now she wants to take her resume of partisan gridlock to Washington as Harry Reid’s hand-picked Senate candidate”, NRSC Communications Director Andrea Bozek said in a statement.


“To continue working to realize our state’s full potential, we need a response from Washington that meets the progress we’re making here at home”, she said.

So far, Ayotte has $5 million in the bank, and raised .6 million in the third quarter of this year.

“Washington has given into special interests and lobbyists who rig the system for themselves and against the middle class”, Hassan says in the video.

“Gov. Hassan has spent her long political career doggedly pushing an agenda of higher taxes that would demolish New Hampshire’s proud “live free or die” tradition”, Reed said.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee, which raises funds for Senate Republicans, called Hassan a “do-nothing governor” with an “open hostility to pro-growth policies”. She listed freezing state university tuition, expanding health coverage, and balancing the state budget as among her accomplishments as governor.

Women’s issues are likely to be a major focus of the 2016 campaign. Ayotte does not support funding for Planned Parenthood, which has been questioned in recent months for providing fetal tissue from abortions for research. But Ayotte warned her fellow GOP lawmakers last week against shutting down the government over funding for the organization. In her initial budget proposal this year, Hassan proposed raising the cigarette tax and auto registration fees. On Monday morning. Hassan, the most popular politician in the Granite State, announced she would do just that.


Ayotte, a former state attorney general, officially launched her re-election bid during the summer.

Ayotte Welcomes Hassan to 2016 NH Senate Race