Gamer destroyed his own console in doing some hacking tricks

A gamer destroyed his own Xbox One console after following an online instruction of making their console ‘backwards compatible’.


A set of instructions were posted over internet that assured user to make their console backward edition compatible, hence they can play all the games from the previous model consoles.

But after following these steps, one may lose their gaming console permanently as it destroy your console.

Chance to get a Xbox One console for free

The steps that are written to be followed for this hacking trick,

  1. Go to the system menu
  2. Press LB, RB, LT, RT in order quickly
  3. Select developer console ‘before’
  4. Check the ‘enable devkit’ box
  5. Change the sandbox ID to freezone.reboot, ‘before the clincher’
  6. Select ‘reset home console’


The prank removes all playability from the Xbox One rendering the £450 device completely useless.