Get Your Space Ticket From Virgin Galactic Agents

Men are the most sophisticated living creature in the world. This sophisticated nature has given him the capacity to think, and the innovative capability of man has now reached sky high. New inventions and technologies have made our life easy and world is now the most beautiful and comfortable place to live. Technological explosion, which takes place in the 20th century, is creating its impact in all areas of our life, and the area of tourism is no different. ‘Space Tourism’ is a concept, which is gaining widespread popularity nowadays, and this is one of the most recent trends in the tourism industry. Virgin Galactic, the master brain behind the concept of Space Tourism is all set to trigger their first flight in the early 2014.


Virgin Galactic has already trained 140 space agents, and these agents are masters in selling space tickets for the first trip, which will happen most probably in the early months of 2014. Two clients have already being signed up with the agency, and they are expecting more and more sign ups in the future. The agency is one among the eight authorized dealer to sell the tickets that is worth $2, 00,000.

Virgin Galactic had conducted a successful test flight on 29th of April, and this is has showed clear signs of the dream come true experience. The company is planning to make more test flights this year to ensure the effectiveness, and according to reliable sources, the first commercial operations on Space Tourism will start by the beginning of 2014.

The agency has a different approach in terms of marketing and selecting their clients. Unlike the clichéd mail marketing, here the agency is selecting clients who are interested with this project, and they are receiving wide acceptance for this moves.

Many imminent personalities are planning to board the inaugural space flight. Richard Branson, the head of the Virgin Galactic Empire is boarding the first flight along with his son, Sam and daughter Holly. Actor Ashton Kutcher is also planning to go for the first trip, and he was the 500th enrollment in the list.


If you are interested to travel from earth to space, you can visit the Virgin Galactic website, and can pay the entire $2, 00,000 and can become one among the first 1000 people who are going to space. If you are ready to spend $1 million, then you will get charter space crafts, and you can travel in a flight, which is solely for you along with your five friends. Buying a ticket will also fetch you additional benefits like attending party and events in the private Caribbean Island owned by Branson.


The arena of Space Tourism is expanding day by day. In the future, we can see a person who goes to outer space to spend their vacation, and this concept is not at all exaggerated. The first commercial flight to the Space will be a landmark, and in the future, we will witness more flights like this.