Google All Set To Launch Live Streaming Music Service “All Access”

If you are a music buff and are interested in listening to music everywhere and at every time, then you will be happy to know that internet giant Google is coming up with a subscription based live music streaming service called “All Access” which  will give you  the access to listen to millions and millions of songs online. With this launch and announcement, Google has really outshines its arch rival “Apple” in the music category and would also be a major threat to similar service providers like Spotify and Microsoft’s Xbox music. Google is describing this new All Access like streaming music service of theirs as “radio without rules” which will allow their users to listen to unlimited number of songs by just paying a subscription fee of $9.99 per month. Google has really outsmarted Apple on all accounts by launching this service ahead of its arch rival Apple who is the most dominant player in the age of digital music.


What Is It All About?

“All Access” live streaming music service from Google will be an Android based service that you will be able to access through your Android Smartphone and tablets. It would be initially launched for the U.S music lovers and will soon spread its wings to the U.K as well as other popular countries. You will be having an option of listening to music and tailor your music from 22 different genres or will also be able to listen to a handpicked collection of songs like what you will get in a live radio-like stream. It is an all important music streaming service that will let you listen to millions of songs across your services. The new service was brought to limelight during the Google’s annual I/O developer conference held at San Francisco by Google’s engineering director for Android Chris Yerga.

Google And T-Mobile Celebrate The Launch Of Google Music At Mr. Brainwash Studio In Los Angeles - Inside

How It Works?

Google users will have the opportunity to surf through the vast library of music and stream the songs on any device through the Android operating system. It will offer you the best interactive radio-like features and is ideal option for the lean back music lover and one who loves to have his or her music the way he or she wants to. You will be able to easily search for the artists or the songs that you would like to hear and instantly add it on to your music library. A listen now feature provided in the live music streaming service will give you an option to create a music list of all your favorite artists or different genre music that would be based on the songs that you had previously listened to. By this way, you  will be able to get all your favorite and want to listen to songs in a music library without you needing to do much  of the work.


All Access will be available free of cost as a one month trial period for all Google users and after the trail period, it would be charged at $9.99 per month for the live music streaming service.