Google Assistant is Now Going Head to Head with Siri on iOS

Because while Android is the most popular operating system in the world right now, new technologies like voice assistants, virtual reality, and even smart appliances threaten the dominance of the smartphone. The availability of the AI might be limited on the iOS devices but that is certainly not the case for Android users. Google Play Protect, while not seriously overhauling Android security, gives visibility to the work that was being done behind the scenes. Ahead of that, however, Google plans to incorporate aspects of Android Go’s goals into the next version of its OS, Android O, expected to be released later this summer.


Google is designing a number of its own apps to deliver the best experience on a low-end device.

In the same way that Google had to rethink its computational architecture and build data centers from the ground up to deal with the mobile revolution, the company is now in the midst of re-architecting them for AI and machine learning, Google’s CEO said. (The current version of Android is the N version, Nougat.) It often takes years for a new version of the software to make it to older phones, and never arrives at all for some.

But Google acknowledges that there are areas that can be improved. He also mentioned that they’re allowing developers to cram Assistant into whatever devices they’re building, and mentioned that the “Google Assistant Built In” branding should appear on these devices in the future. Google Goggles was an option, but it seems that Google could be replacing it with Google Lens.

More details about Android O and Android Go are expected to emerge today during the second day of Google I/O. But eventually, it will be integrated into other Google products as well, Pichai said.

Although Google has always maintained that Android is very safe, the Android security is a touchy topic with users, especially in countries like India. These apps look similar to the security apps that people have seen on their computers.

Yet, the Google I/O keynote reminds us that Google also has the potential to do, and help others do, enormous good with artificial intelligence.

Users can just say “Hey Siri” and begin issuing commands, while the Google Assistant app would have to be manually opened every time.

During an announcement made at Google I/O 2017, Google revealed that they were making some changes to Google Assistant.

Running the AI-powered Google Assistant, the voice-controlled Google Home lets users speak naturally to access a wealth of online services as well as listen to music and control smarthome appliances.


– Map on the menu, which are three lines on the left of the screen.

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