Google Hangouts gets its own website

Now there’s another way.


Once you go to, you will be presented with the three key features of hangouts, that are – instant messaging, voice calls and video chats.

As Jordanna Chord, Google’s software engineer has recently announced, “From our new site, you will be able to take advantage of the best Hangouts in the browser, along with an inspiring image to get you through the day”. The background image will change every few minutes, giving a fresh look to the chat and conversation platform.

Once you navigate to the webpage, simply click on one of the big circles in the center to start a video call, phone call or Hangouts message. The developer has further stated that the launching of the new Hangouts website was only meant to provide users a new way to access the service.

On the left, the website interfaces displays latest conversations and direct access to the chat, for quick and simple messaging.

Google has made several previous attempts to launch a social network, including Google Buzz (closed after a year in 2011), Google Friend Connect (closed after four years in 2012) and Orkut (which was popular in South America before closing after nine years in 2013). Still then, the true purpose of this web apps was to give separate access to Hangouts, so on that front, it makes perfect sense.

Users can also use the dedicated website to invite their favourite people to Hangouts.


The dedicated website is accessible through and requires an active Google account. But for users who are okay with having multiple tabs open or they have steered clear of Google Chrome as their default browser are going to benefit from this.

'Hangouts gets its own website