Google Home Mini and Google Home Max smart speakers announced

Like the larger Google Home, the Mini is partially made of fabric and will be available in multiple colors. This service will be extended to UK. This smart speaker will be available from the Google Store, that much we know for certain, and it will cost $399, while you’ll be able to get it in one of the two available color variants, Chalk or Charcoal. The device is now the company’s latest entry-level smart speaker that comes equipped with features such as voice-assistant and LEDs that offer visual feedback. Unlike the Home Mini, the Dot also has an aux port, so you can hook it up to an old speaker and play Spotify through that too. Nearly the entire enclosure is made of fabric. The fabric allows sound and light to pass through it while presenting it with a softer outlook. The speaker can understand where it is positioned in the room, at a height, in a corner, or in the middle of a large open space, and adjust the sound dynamically to deliver the best audio experience. It will retail for $49.


It is now available for pre-orders starting today with shipping to commence on October 19th. Rishi Chandra, Google’s product head for Google Home talks about Google Home. But while the Home is a good start, Google can’t stop there if they really want to take over your homes. Other Chromecast devices are also compatible.


Google Home now has a premium big brother. Google is offering Google family account for kids with less than 13 years of age. Then there was a Diplo video – again, doubling down on bass capabilities of the Google Home Max. “Smart Sound”, which is powered by Google’s AI, tunes the speaker to optimize its sound balance for your particular room configuration. It also supports Bluetooth, Google Cast and has a headphone jack for connecting directly to your phone. Early testers say it’s adept at picking up on voice commands while music plays, and a few simple taps on the device itself (it does have a mute button) can control most of its audio playback.