Google’s making Austin a little weirder with self-driving vehicle tests

Google has released the second of its monthly reports on how its dedicated self-driving cars are doing out on the road – and again it’s human drivers that are causing all the problems. In the short term, two of the SUVs will be on the street.


Google has several dozen self-driving cars being tested on streets in Mountain View, California, where the company is based. Google’s new announcement now officially confirms the company’s plans to test the driverless vehicles in Austin, Texas, but doesn’t mention how long the tests will last.

Some of the google cars are like robot head such as those in California also called as pod cars. “And that’s important context for communities with self-driving cars on their streets; although we wish we could avoid all accidents, some will be unavoidable”.

The company has confirmed that it’s going to start testing its autonomous cars in Austin, Texas.

Google has acknowledged the challenges involved when man meets machine. Electric auto maker Tesla operates a fleet of 12 driverless vehicles in California while car component manufacturer Delpi is developing sensors and software for self-driving systems.

In both cases Google’s autonomous vehicle had come to a stop before being hit from behind by a distracted driver.

Instead, drivers in other cars or humans who were driving the Google vehicle have been to blame. The speed of the cars have been capped at 25 miles per hour. The prospect is still a number of years away, which is why testing the cars in different cities and different scenarios is crucial.


“It’s now time for us to get experience in places with different driving environments, traffic patterns, and road conditions”, the company said in a statement. “We feel like that matches the spirit of both Google and the self-driving auto project”. The state of California also requires a report to be filed when a self-driving vehicle is involved in a collision.

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