GoPro Announces the New Hero 6 Black

Working on the same principles as its predecessor, the GoPro Hero 6 Black is an action camera for the thrill-seekers, adrenaline junkies and, well, dog walkers among us. It also offers other accessories that include spare batteries, charging accessories, cables to connect its GoPro cameras to televisions and monitors, video transmitters, external microphones, flotation devices, dive filters, and anti-fogging solutions, as well as accessories for the Wi-Fi remotes. This is of course the camera’s 4k video recording capacity at 60 frames per second. In fact, the only smartphone that offers this feature is the latest iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X lineup. The HERO 6 comes with three times faster offload speed via 5GHz WiFi along with RAW and HDR photo mode. Quik Stories an app feature that makes it easy to share short videos of your activities. Dynamic range is said to be improved for better footage in extreme light conditions.


San Mateo, California-based GoPro makes action cameras for the selfie generation. And it uses a GoPro custom-designed GP1 processor.

It’s that improvement that we’re most excited about at Outside. The new feature will automatically import photos and video into the GoPro app, automatically edit the footage together, and in turn produce an easily sharable moment.

Preorder GoPro Hero 6 Black nowGoPro Hero 6 Black UK release date: When’s it coming out? The exterior design of the camera is similar to that of its predecessor, the Hero 5. Plus, the Hero6 will also respond to voice commands made in 10 languages.

GoPro Fusion captures immersive 5.2K spherical content and delivers gimbal-like stabilisation.

GoPro has also included slower frame rates if you want a more cinematic experience for yourself; being able to record at 24 and 30FPS options have also been retained.

GoPro’s Hero5 camera was compatible with content creating feature QuickStories but it could not film in 360 mode. Samsungs Gear 360 is now in its second edition (2017 Edition) and captures 360 degree images at 15MP (5,472 x 2,736 pixels) resolution and FullHD videos at 60fps. This feature allows users to manipulate their 360 videos to turn them into flat 1080p full HD videos, according to The Verge. The Fusion can record 18-megapixel spherical still frames and records 360-degree sound as well. But what OverCapture adds to that is the ability to tap on a frame that the user likes and frame up a 16:9 or a 4:3 image and save a full-resolution of the newly-composed 2D rendering.


GoPro has also launched a new software package called OverCapture which will be available for desktop systems and launch and will be available on mobile devices sometime during 2018. Along with this, it comes with Voice Control with support for 10 languages, accelerometer, gyroscope, compass and Global Positioning System functionality.

Hero 6 Black