‘Gotham’ Spoilers: Does Gordon Ben McKenzie Kill Joker Cameron Monaghan?

Theo Galavan approaches Jerome and pretends to be a hero by standing up to Jerome for all of Gotham to see.


I have to say I saw this coming.

Well, he may have been an aspect of The Joker, something actor Cameron Monaghan grasped onto when he first got the role.

The following contains spoilers from this week’s episode of Fox’s Gotham.

Theo Gallavan waltz in to tell Jerome he needs to stop.

Following the slaughter in the police station from last week’s episode, Jim Gordon is not handling things very well. So his revenge will be taking over the city – by becoming its hero – through Jerome’s talents. Of course, but I am reasonably surprised at how entertaining the second season has been.

Here, Shameless star Cameron Monaghan shares the secrets behind his Gotham run, including his main inspiration in playing that joker Jerome, and how the wild role made for many sleepless nights. He’s not someone who created himself out of nothing.

Multiple ads will pop and it takes a little bit to clear out each and every ad. Even then, pop-ups will occur as you clear the ads. As he was bleeding out, Jerome whispered to Theo that it wasn’t the plan they came up with and was stunned that Theo had betrayed him. A guilt-ridden father who wanted to rescue his poor son sounds good enough, right? Children will wake from their sleep screaming at the thought of you. “Your legacy will be death and madness”. So, to me, Jerome is genuinely the mother and father of the Joker. He finds Cicero dead with a knife through his eye, while Tabitha and Jerome are gone.

At the benefit for the Children’s Hospital, Bruce tries to reason with Selina, but she is not going to change. Bruce wants to reconnect but she’s all about stealing money to survive – although two weeks ago she was living at Penguin’s place and living quite well it seemed. Bruce escapes, yet his inexperience results in Alfred being captured: Pennyworth even has a cool set piece, where he destroys a guard – he would have won if it was not for Master Wayne. Leslie realized Barbara was the assistant and called Gordon before anyone stopped her. Jerome and Barbara come out and start performing magic tricks. Anyway, Bruce is chosen to be the Great Rodolfo’s (Jerome’s) volunteer. Tigress orders Jerome not to kill Jim and knocks him out.

The Last Laugh” picks up where last week left off, with both Jim and Bullock attempting to find the whereabouts of Jerome: they are obviously upset about the death of Commissioner Essen, which is shown by them throwing bodies out of windows. After this they call up the deputy mayor, and Lee recognizes Barbara in disguise.

Indeed, Jerome’s psychotic and chaotic behavior – and death – inspires a number of Gothamites, as seen during the episode’s conclusion. However, if tonight’s episode is any indication, Monaghan might be getting killed off. The episode, titled “The Last Laugh“, might imply that Gordon (Ben McKenzie) kills Jerome. But if this is true, then Barbara’s story has effectively become warped by the show-runners general need to turn her into a force for Gordon to reckon with.

Back inside, Jerome is demanding Bruce Wayne join him on stage again for his next trick but when he doesn’t show, Barbara suggests killing his butler as incentive to show his face. As usual, Selina ends up saving him instead.

Bruce finally emerges and walks to the stage where Alfred is being held at gunpoint. To see him snuffed out so quickly is sad.

Make no mistake here, this is still Gotham; a more confident plot, less jarring tone, and genuinely shocking plot twists do not excuse a few of the traditional problems this show has. He wants the Maniax to tear the city down so he can build it back up again.

Based on the promo images released by FOX for the episode, the young Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) and his guardian Alfred Pennyworth (Sean Pertwee) are present during the gala night.

That also doesn’t mean Bullock can’t pay Oswald Cobblepot a visit on his own because he’s not stupid and can tell that something’s up with Gordon, and Fish Mooney’s old umbrella boy is involved. We see several quick scenes of citizens laughing maniacally as they watch Jerome’s crimes on the news. Meanwhile, Theo plans his next big move using the inmates he broke out of Arkham – and it ends fatally for one of them.

As for the other sociopaths watching as Jerome Velaska meets his death, they aren’t just intrigued – they are inspired.


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