Government denies taking steps to appoint Ambassador for Digital India

Shri Pranav Mistry, Samsung USA (Computer Scientist/ Author of 6th Sense) Thereafter, no other person has been appointed as Brand Ambassador for Digital India.


“There were certain news reports that there is move to appoint a brand ambassador for Digital India Programme of the government”, read a government statement.

It all started with news reports saying self-styled ethical hacker Ankit Fadia had been appointed the brand ambassador for Digital India.

“Yes! I posted the certificate on Facebook yesterday. We have also been told that our feedback could be sought on matters pertaining to Digital India once the project kicks-in”, Fadia said.

The government on Tuesday confirmed that it had appointed four brand ambassadors for its Digital India campaign, which kick-started on July 1, after confusion over the matter.

Fadia, who shot to fame when he was all of 15 with his book “Unofficial Guide to Ethical Hacking”, stood his ground and said the appointment letter was issued on July 1 and signed by then IT secretary Ram Sewak Sharma, now chairman of the telecom watchdog.

These ambassadors are appointed for a year and their services will be used for mass awareness programs as and when required. Prime Minister Modi on his U.S. tour has represented the Digital India to high dignitaries of Silicon Valley including the CEO’s of Google’s Sundar Pichai, Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Apple’s Tim Cook. Even as Fadia showed a certificate that was issued by a government department, another government body denied that any such development had taken place. The news caused a few serious outrage online, because many have posted doubts about Fadia’s credentials as a hacker. He’s infamous for having allegedly hacked CHIP magazine’s website in 2013, a claim that former CHIP editor Charles Assisi denied via a post on the Forbes.


Ankit Fadia is the biggest gossip of the hour who is known as an “ethical hacker”.

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