Government email addresses in Alabama on leaked list of Ashley Madison users

The Michigan State Police plan to open an administrative investigation over Ashley Madison accounts associated with at least two of their troopers. Also Ashley Madison subscribers might have found ways to cover their tracks.


Hackers who stole a trove of sensitive data from said “nobody was watching” as they scoured the infidelity website and vowed to release more emails from its executives, online technology website Motherboard is reporting. “Have an affair” – is marketed to people looking for extramarital relationships.

People can use VFEmail to create a free email account.

Thirteen from New Jersey state agencies, with 10 of them listed as working addresses.

Meanwhile, media reports have stated that hundreds of government and military officials may be implicated in the leak. Also, as Penn Staters know, email address go to students, faculty, alumni, and staff, so those 679 could be from anyone in the school’s network. Along with extortion, victims risk identity theft, as many personal details like addresses and partial credit card information are now available.

“Be careful posting personally identifiable information that could compromise your or others’ security”, the advice said.

“I’m aware it”, Carter said. We expect good conduct on the part of our people. “Absolutely”. Eight of them are working addresses. Employees who break the rules could be fired for doing so.

Chairman of Digital Rights Ireland and UCD law lecturer TJ McIntyre said those who had registered on the site had done nothing illegal.

A White House spokesman said Thursday he could not immediately comment on the matter.

Dr McIntyre said anyone with a computer, an internet connection and a couple of hours to spare could download “literally the entirety of the user database” and apparently all the internal communications of the company as well.

“He used the service for a very brief period of time”.

Now that trust has been breached, even perhaps by no fault of Avid Life Media’s, it remains unclear whether users will be willing to once again put their faith in Ashley Madison.


In fact, the site has said little beyond a statement released Tuesday in which it slammed the break-in as “an act of criminality”.

State and city email addresses linked to cheating site Ashley Madison amid scandal