Grumpy Cat to be a Movie Star

This seems like a fairytale for an ordinary cat to rise in stature and receive contracts for books, stories, and now even for a movie. But then the Grumpy cat is no ordinary feline creature. In fact, she is the internet feline celebrity in her own right. She is a one year old mixed breed cat called Tardar Sauce (misspelled tartar sauce) owned by Tabatha Bundesen, a resident of the state of Arizona. The cat suffers from a feline disorder that has made her have a dour face that looks grumpy to onlookers. Her photo was uploaded on Reddit last year by a family member and it went viral as hundreds of thousands of people saw and liked the photo and used Photoshop to attach different slogans to it.Grumpy Cat


The cat became so famous because of her sulking face that people waited in long queues to get a chance to be photographed along with her. She even made an appearance in the TV show Good Morning America, making her all the more popular across the country. Now there are reports that the agent of the cat, Ben Lashes, has managed to negotiate a role for Tardar in an upcoming movie that will be produced by Broken Road Productions, the same company that produced Jack and Jill in 2011.

The company plans to make a movie with Tardar in the lead role playing a character similar to the legendary Garfield. Tardar will be given the capability of speech in the movie that is being planned as a family comedy. The natural grumpy expression of Tardar that is a result of a kind of dwarfism that affects her hind legs also. It is hard to believe but this feline fellow has close to a million likes on Facebook and her video on YouTube has been subscribed by more than 120,000 people. Mashable declared him the most important cat of the year while MSNBC has already labeled him the most influential feline creature on earth. At SXSW film and music festival, Grumpy cat was the star attraction as his presence drew thousands of people to the festival.

Grumpy Cat to be a Movie StarIt is hard to believe but it has taken less than a year for this furry creature to become a darling of millions of fans around the world. And so much love and adulation for just being grumpy all the time. Imagine having close to a hundred thousand followers on Twitter without tweeting anything. This scowling kitten is nothing less than a jackpot foe her owners as she has earned them close to a million dollars so far and it seems there is lot more to come. It is hard to escape the appeal of this feline fellow who looks like he is sulking all the time and fun is the last thing on her mind in this world.


However, the movie with the Grumpy cat playing himself in the movie is a risky proposition as the experiment with the two earlier Garfield movies has not been encouraging at the box office.