GTA V Game Play and Screenshots Leaked Ahead of its Official Launch

Grand Theft Auto, or simply GTA, is arguably the most popular and thrilling video game based upon car theft and violence. It has seen many versions and is played by millions of gamers around the world with great enthusiasm. This crime simulating game allows the gamer to play the role of the protagonist in the game and helps people to get a chance to fulfill their suppressed desires and emotions. Rockstar, the makers of the game, have come up with an official trailer with screen shots and the game play to provide a glimpse of what to expect from the new version of the game. The game is expected to be released sometime in September this year.



Full of violence and gore as usual

The trailer provides not just the looks but also the feel of the game to the audiences as they can see the landscape, theGTA-5 cars, the characters, and all the activities inside the game. For those who do not know, GTA V is set in the city of Los Santos and the gamers will see the familiar streets and the highways besides the countryside and the oceans with lots and lots of aerial views. The game is full of action and violence with the familiar plot of the protagonist being handed out different tasks that he has to perform to proceed to next levels. In addition, there are the side and mini games in addition to other activities like flying airplanes, doing yoga, playing tennis, swimming gin pools, and even cycling in the countryside. There are so many activities to do in Los Santos that you will not be bored for a moment.


New game play that has been set in Los Santos

The video clip that has been released by Rockstar is indeed very alluring as it lets gamers know how they will feel and look inside the game besides knowing how to drive, shoot, and attack in a  game that has caught the fancy of the players around the world. The versions of the game for Xbox360 and PS4 will be released on September 17 though no dates have been given by the company for the release of the PC version of GTA V. till now, players could play this game only on their PC’s but with GTA V, they now have a chance to enjoy the game on different platforms like Xbox and PS4.GTA_V


GTA V was expected be released a quite earlier but the company has explained the delay s inevitable as they wanted to make the game as good as possible for the players. Gaming industry is expecting GTA 5 to break all previous records of sales GTA happens to be the best selling game in UK already. GTA is the most popular yet most criticized game for its theme and content. With every subsequent part or version, the game is becoming more and more realistic and entertaining for the gamers. GTA v is expected to be no different.

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