Gunman arrested after shootout at NC church, reports say

Heidi Warren said when deputies arrived, they found one man inside Maple Grove Baptist Church.


Nichols also told WHNS that the shots were fired outside the church and that there was a single shooter who acted alone.

The shooting occurred outside the church.

The Haywood County Sheriff’s Office said they received calls at about 3:15 p.m. about shots fired at Maple Grove Baptist Church on Stamey Cove Road in Waynesville Wednesday.

Several agencies responded to the scene, including the SBI. Officers exchanged fire with the man and have the church surrounded. No law enforcement officer was injured.

It’s not clear right now whether shots were fired inside or outside the church, but authorities say gunfire was exchanged with law enforcement.

No officers were injured, but Emergency Medical Services were called to treat the suspect, according to Warren.


The State Bureau of Investigation is currently investigating the crime.

Shooting reported at Haywood Co. church