Hearse stolen while body still inside – WLTZ 38 | Columbus Georgia Regional

A body with a hearse inside it was stolen from outside a hospital in Altanta, according to police.


Both the body and the hearse have been recovered.

Watkins is asking how the carjacking happened on hospital property. “When you think about it, even the dead can not rest in peace,”.

The funeral home driver was working in an area supposed be secure outside the hospital morgue when he was attacked.

“He was in shock and awe, like what’s going on? You know what I mean?”

Watkins said the suspect damaged the hood of the transport vehicle while breaking out of the locked parking lot at the morgue.

“I understand this guy was already being looked for at Grady Hospital. We really don’t know”.

It is believed the hearse was taken from Grady Memorial Hospital.

Woolfolk tells The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the suspect abandoned the hearse a few blocks from Grady, then stole a gold Ford Explorer and drove off in that vehicle.


After seeing the body inside, the thief then crashed the hearse on the 100 block of Auburn Avenue near the intersection with Piedmont Avenue.

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