Here’s a Way for You to See Who Deleted You on Facebook

Well if so, is this person no longer your Facebook friend?


Who Deleted Me on Facebook notifies users when contacts vanish from their list, and informs them whether they removed themselves or deleted their account entirely.

Dubbed Who Deleted Me on Facebook, the app is available as a free download and it will tell you who deleted you from their friends list since you last signed in.

If your Facebook friend numbers are dropping, it could be because you’re being unfriended by those you thought you were close to.

It’s certainly an interesting development but also one that is bound to cause plenty of heartbreak and any amount of very, very awkward conversations.

The App has been created by Exeter-based developer Anthony Kuske and is available for free on Android and iOS.

Now You Can See Who Deleted You On FacebookThis totally changes the game.

“Creepily track your friends from FB messages”, the app listing promises in the Google Chrome WebStore.

There are many reasons that we remove people as a friend on Facebook.


Whether people will install the extension to double-check on the whereabouts of their friends remains to be seen.

Who Deleted Me on Facebook