Humans Beaten By Chimpanzees In Memory Test

After reading this news many might feel we are monkeying around with them, but all we are doing is bringing you hard facts. According to a research that was carried out over a few decades, it has at last been discovered that chimpanzees have better short term memory than human beings. In other words, a chimp can actually beat you in a memory game. Tetsuro Matsuzawa of Kyoto University, in Japan, carried out this research spanning three decades that eventually led to this amazing revelation. While elaborating about his findings Matsuzawa was quoted as saying: “We’ve concluded through the cognitive tests that chimps have extraordinary memories. They can grasp things at a glance.”


According to Matsuzawa, human beings gaining the power of language effectively resulted in us losing the high level of short term memory that our cave dwelling ancestors had. This study basically proves that although a caveman might have only communicated with the help of grunts and growls, he wasn’t dumb at all; in fact he was in some ways smarter than us. Which is probably why, it is said that wise men listen more and talk less. How unfortunate that our photographic memories were sacrificed at the altar of speech gain and language development.

Chimpanzee Ai tests her cognitive skills using Japanese kanji characters.

Matsuzawa carried out exhaustive tests in order to ascertain that chimps have photographic memory, so any of you out there, who are skeptical, have no other option but to eat humble pie and concede that we aren’t even smarter than a chimp.  Reportedly, chimps have really great working memory that allows their brain to simultaneously switch between multiple thought at the same time. Chimps need this kind of a memory as it helps them negotiate from branch to branch in order to feed themselves. Besides, this special ability also helps chimps think on their feet when confronted with a rival chimp.


Maybe if we talked less, cleared our heads of everything negative and focused more, we too would be able to improve our short term memory. Even after trying all of that, if you can’t attain the kind of memory a chimp has, at least you will be somewhere in the ballpark. Here’s wishing best of luck to those who want to try out our suggestion.