In Search Of World’s Most Dangerous Games

Defining the world extreme sports is almost impossible as there are lots of different activities included in this term. Though these sports are full of dangerous activities but still it is quite safe to get involved in these types of games. Even there is high level of security guidelines followed in these sports are not meant for people how are not enough strong from heart. Here in this post of mine I am going to introduce you with top 5 most dangerous sports from all over the world.


1.      Heli-skiing

Heli-skiing is considered as one of the most challenging sports which tickle risk-taking explorer in you. If you having the courage to fight all odds on high altitude then this game is all meant for you. You will initially take the help of helicopters which will drop you on the top on snow capped mountains from where you will ciss-cross on unknown ridges to come down. These activities will be done in a group and you must have an exact idea regarding the height of the mountain.


2.      Base Jumping

Base jumping is one of the other sports which are highly extreme. This extreme sport is performed mainly by unofficial people who are certified by “adrenaline junkies” All those people who fall in adrenaline junkies have need of high level of advertising and excitement. Base jumping cannot be compared with skydiving as it is much dangerous. In case of skydiving a person who is performing it have good enough time to open their parachute so that they could ensure safe landing. On other hand in Base Jumping we need to jump from lower attitude and this minimized the time to open the parachute. So you need to work in seconds in order to ensure safe landing.

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3.      White Water Rafting

Water rafter is one of the most common as well as adventures game in this list. Though people love to do water rafting but it is extremely dangerous if this is your first time and you are not aware of the guidelines. You must go through the training manual and follow the instruction. During rafting you need to balance you body with the help of rope and this seems to be difficult especially when your boat goes in zigzag manner.


4.      Big Wave Surfing

Have you ever performed this game before? If not then you have no idea how difficult to make perfect balance in big wave surfing. These waved could be unexpected height from 6 meters to 20 meters. A person performing big wave surfing should maintain his speed as same as the waves and another key factor to complete it successfully is balancing.


5.      Bull Riding

This game is full of adventure and fun activities. The main objective of the game is to ride a bull that is rotating in zigzag manner with a good speed and rider need to keep mounted over bucking bull for minimum eight seconds.


Extreme sports seem to be very popular for many years. There are multiple games which are full of high level of danger, falls in categories mentioned in this article.


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