In shadow of campaign shakeup, Bush tears into Trump

The former Florida governor, who also is a developer and an investor, earned about $8.4 million a year ago from speaking fees and consulting through his Jeb Bush & Associates firm.


Trump said Bush, the son and brother for former presidents, is “losing badly and embarrassing his family”.

The Donald’s first South Florida campaign stop is at the Trump National Doral, where he’s scheduled to speak at 7 p.m. today, just a few miles away from fellow presidential wannabe Marco Rubio’s “modest” West Miami house. He said spending less and getting more is what the country should be doing.

“If we don’t stand for people that will die due to their faith, wow, we have really lost our way”.

Trump also attacked retired pediatric neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who topped him in this week’s polling in Iowa, saying that he was “super-low on energy”, the Hill reports. And in more subtle ways, Trump hinted at a contrast between him and Carson as he pointed out that the USA needs a strong leader in the face of “medieval times” in which ISIS is beheading Christians. Brandon Chance, 25, wore a T-shirt with an artistic rendition of Trump pointing that said ‘Washington, D.C. – You’re Fired.’ Chance said one of the reasons he likes Trump is that he’s never held political office and is paying for his own campaign. And they’re working on their campaign.

“Donald Trump has changed this whole campaign it is now completely personality driven and people want to fall in love not fall in line”. In August, Trump clashed with Univision anchor Jorge Ramos at a news conference, ordering Ramos removed, and telling him to “go back to Univision”. “I’m going to beat her”, he said.

“So those two guys are fighting like insane, and I’m laughing, watching them fighting”, Trump said. “And it’s one that I don’t think is going away”.

Meanwhile, Trump bragged that his campaign is well managed and that he pays his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, “peanuts” by comparison to the salaries of Bush’s team.

The bombastic billionaire also took shots at Republicans, slamming nearest rival Ben Carson for not being competent enough to be president.

State Rep. Neil Combee, who represents a stretch of central Florida, said the buzz for Trump is unmistakable.

Luckily for Trump, that is a prime demographic in the Bold New City of the South, and he is uniquely positioned to exploit it. A rhyming poem from Billie Tucker, the founder of the First Coast Tea Party, was read, which shouldn’t surprise much, given that the Tea Party had its big local launch event there last decade.

The Bush campaign did not respond to any of the requests for comment made to them by Breitbart News prior to the running of either story.


Trump ended by promising he would bring more jobs to America if elected and would increase taxes on companies that were building facilities in other countries while laying American employees off and with a final shot at politicians.

Donald Trump moving in on Bush, Rubio turf in Florida