In Trump vs. Comey, the loser is America

Memos leaked by previous FBI Director James Comey consist of advice that is now thought classified, prompting the Justice Department’s watchdog to critique the situation, the WallStreet Journal noted Friday, citing people knowledgeable about the issue.


Also breaking on Thursday were copies of memos that Comey himself had written after encounters with Trump – those hurry-up-and-remember documents that the fired Federal Bureau of Investigation director created to memorialize Trump’s various transgressions.

In a memo dated 14 February 2017, Comey says Trump complained during an Oval Office meeting about classified information being leaked to the media.

The inspector general’s report found McCabe lacked candor regarding his role leaking the information, and that those disclosures improperly revealed the existence of a nonpublic investigation. I think we have the current president, who was in my view legitimately elected, is serving as president.

I’m nearly embarrassed to admit how many hours I’ve spent over the last few days watching televised interviews of former FBI Director James Comey, about his book and some of the incidents he covered in it.

In May 2017, Trump fired Comey.

“They were classified as soon as [Comey] wrote them”, Mukasey said.

“After others left the room, we sat at the table”, he writes in a memo recounting his first private conversation with Trump inside Trump Tower in January, 2017.

Comey wrote that the president repeatedly raised the still-unconfirmed story that Russians have a video of him with prostitutes in a Moscow hotel.

Trump “said he was trying to run the country and the cloud of this Russian Federation business was making that hard”, Comey wrote in a memo on a conversation they had on March 30, 2017. Maddow asked. “Yes”, Comey replied.

Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey accused James Comey of exonerating 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton after former President Barack Obama warned the then-FBI director to “let her off” the hook. “He has deceived the American people and I must say he has deluded himself”.

He took to twitter late Friday, saying Comey illegally leaked classified memos to the press, in order to spark the special counsel’s investigation. Trump did rail against Flynn for failing to tell him that Russian President Vladimir Putin was the first leader to call him after he won the election, which resulted in Trump toasting British Prime Minister Theresa May to being the first foreign leader to call and Flynn had to correct him.

The memos were provided to Congress earlier Thursday as House Republicans escalated criticism of the Justice Department, threatening to subpoena the documents and questioning officials. The Comey memo confirms his good judgment. He eventually became US attorney for the Southern District of NY in 2002 before being appointed deputy attorney general by Bush.


For starters, Comey’s memos contain details that many experts would consider legally relevant in an obstruction case against Trump. But both sides can’t be right that I’m in the other team’s pocket, which is what I hear all the time.

Credit AP  FRANK FRANKLIN II					Former FBI Director James Comey poses with his new book during an appearance Wednesday at a Barnes & Noble in New York