`Insecure` Chrissy Teigen won`t allow hot nannies in her house

“It’s an ongoing joke in my house”, says the stunner, who is married to R&B crooner John Legend.


Teigen, “Sports Illustrated” swimsuit model and wife of singer/songwriter John Legend (“Ordinary People”, “All of Me”) vows that she will never hire help that may cause strain in her relationship with her husband.

Does a hot nanny automatically mean temptation?

Because it looks like Chrissy Teigen is already concerned about hiring attractive care-takers – and she doesn’t even have kids yet!

“Since I have started fashion, I had become actually the muscular, handsome one, and that is for that reason insane considering that i can’t the market any sports”, she told me.

“No hot nannies, drivers or maids”, the staunch anti-Photoshopper said to the New York Post at Lauren Conrad’s NYFW debut Wednesday.

“It’s too late for me, though because I have a hot assistant – she is cute”, she said.

“To them I was a catalog girl or lingerie”. So it comes as no surprise that when the brunette beauty sat down with HuffPost Live on Thursday, she got real about body diversity in the fashion industry.


“It was way more about having a personality and being able to represent this iconic brand, which was really exciting”. “Sometimes cabin fever just strikes and men do the do”. “It’s such a cool thing, no other client has ever said that to me, like, ‘Please don’t lose weight.'” So she can keep floating around the pool with John Legend and a plate of chicken wings.

Chrissy Teigen looks stylish in rainy New York