Instagram to soon let you download your data

We try to keep you updated on all of the new features that hit social apps like Instagram, so that is why we are telling you all about these features.


Take a photo or video, share it on your story, send it to a friend, or save it for later. As Facebook is falling in line with GDPR norms, it is expected that this tool will bring photo-sharing Instagram under the same ambit.

There is also a new Instagram app feature called a Mention Sticker. The tool will mark a big change for the company, which historically had made it hard for users to download their own content. Also, Instagram hasn’t made it clear if the downloaded videos and photos would be in the same resolution in which they were uploaded.

Facebook has long allowed you to download a complete copy of your data, and now Instagram is reportedly following suit. Initially they refused to do so, but after more discussions, Zuckerberg convinced them and the Instagram Stories features was rolled out in 2016.

GDPR comes into effect on 25 May, which means the coming month will probably include a flurry of announcements similar to Instagram’s. They will get all the shared items from their profile downloaded, including Photos, Videos and more.

Focus lets you take professional-looking portraits right from your Instagram camera.

Facebook-owned Instagram will soon allow users to download their data, in a bid to promote data privacy.


Techcrunch notes that, like Snapcodes, Nametags could eventually be used by influencers across social media as a seamless promotional tool – given that they do away with the need to search for users by hand. “But at a high level it allows you to download and export what you have shared on Instagram”, the spokesperson further added.

Instagram introduces ‘Focus’ feature in its newest updated version