Internet Volunteer Responds To Target Gender Neutrality Backlash Posed As Target

After Target announced that they’d be doing away with gender-specific labeling in their toy and children’s bedding aisles, the conservative crowd went into total meltdown mode.


That didn’t sit well with many, who view the move as pandering to a liberal agenda. On Sunday, one intrepid Facebook user took advantage of that to sneak onto a company page and mess with commenters before the company could get wise to it-and lucky for us, he screencapped the whole thing.

Adweek reports that Mike Melgaard created a fake Facebook account using the name Ask ForHelp with the Target bull’s-eye logo as a profile pic. It’s evident from some of the posts that people weren’t sure what the announcement meant, accusing Target of a wide range of politically correct capitulations and declaring their intention to now shop at Walmart. Mike Melgaard noticed people were complaining on the social media network about the big-box retailer’s decision to ditch gender-based signage in stores and decided to respond with sarcasm and wit. “After taking a look, I was literally laughing out loud at my computer”.

“Target. Seriously. You are AWESOME”, he wrote. That being said, this was, for me, more about the laughs.

Despite their obligatory PR speak that the customer service vigilante and his statements didn’t represent Target, their actions in the first place and this post speak volumes about how they really feel.

Immediately, I knew there would be your typical outraged American spouting emotional reactions on their Facebook page”,

Melgaard tells the AdFreak blog today.

“At Target, we are committed to providing outstanding guest service to our guests wherever we engage with them-in our stores, online, or on our social pages”.


Our sister station News 18 reached out to Melgaard on Facebook and he told us he’s originally from Altoona but now lives in Arizona.

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