Investigator Says Bomb Downed Russian Federation Plane in Egypt

The British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA) said in a statement that “the safety of the aircraft was not put a risk” and described the incident as “separate from the current and ongoing security situation in Sharm el-Sheikh”.


“As we speak, we’re reviewing our procedures in terms of security and ramp handling and access to our aircraft”, Clark said.

The Sinai plane crash las month grounded flights in the Red Sea resort, leaving it nearly abandoned. The victims of the crash were predominantly Russian vacationers.

The investigation into the crash of the Russian passenger plane over Egypt is looking more like a terror investigation.

All 224 people on a Russian airliner flying from the resort to Russia were killed when it crashed on 31 October.

A spokeswoman for Corendon Dutch Airlines said on Tuesday that the firm used intelligence information at the time to determine whether Sharm el-Sheikh was “still the carefree and safe holiday destination that we want to offer to our customers”.

Flight numbers have been limited because both Russian Federation and Britain have banned tourists from bringing their check-in luggage, which will be flown home separately.

The British government and US officials have said intelligence suggests the plane was downed by a bomb, but Egypt says there’s still no confirmation of what caused the crash.

Islamic State extremists have claimed they brought down the Metrojet flight, without offering proof, and said it was in retaliation for Moscow’s airstrikes that began at the end of September against militants in Syria.

The A321 passenger plane dropped off radar screens 23 minutes after takeoff from Sharm el-Sheikh on its way to St. Petersburg.

As of Monday, about 50,000 Russian citizens remain in Egypt.

On Sunday, relatives and friends of the victims gathered in St. Petersburg’s St Isaac’s Cathedral for a memorial service to mark nine days since the disaster, during which the cathedral’s bells rang 224 times – once for each of the victims.

Airport security may have to be tightened dramatically if it is shown that the Sinai air crash was caused by a bomb, the government said today.

Around 80,000 Russians are estimated to be in Egypt, mainly in the Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada resorts.


Peskov, however, declined to elaborate what particular data he referred to, neither did he answer a reporter’s question whether the data had affected Russia’s decision to suspend all passenger flights to Egypt, TASS said.

Security concerns have led to many tourists being stranded at Sharm el Sheikh airport