IOS 9 Update Fixes Lock-Screen, Cellular Data Bugs

Apart from fixes the aforementioned issues, the new update also improves the stability of podcasts. iOS 9.0.2 is now available as an OTA update for those running iOS 9.


If you had an iOS 9 or 9.0.1 device with Siri accessible from your lock screen, you were vulnerable regardless of the type or length or your passcode, and regardless of whether you had turned on TouchID.

It is possible that Apple will release an update to iOS 9 before November addressing issues like the random shut off issue.

Download iOS 9.0.2 IPSW for your iOS device. A few users were having trouble activating iMessage, but this update clears up that problem. It also provides a fix to the settings problem for cellular data usage that turns on and off for particular apps. It’s new unique iOS from Apple – iOS 9.


The update, which weighs north of 60MB, is available to download over the air from iOS Settings app, or alternatively, you can also snag it from iTunes on your Mac or PC computer. It may look pretty similar to iOS 8 but has a host of new and updated built-in Apple apps. That might be a pain if you wanted to roll back to iOS 8.4.1 because of iOS 9 problems, although it looks as though Apple is taking quick steps to rectify iOS 9 issues so far. Due to the iOS 9.0.2 every Apple device has a more efficient lock screen. Although there are no confirmations if the hacker will share the jailbreaking tool with the public, there are reports that that iH9Sn0w is busy tinkering with a fully functional iOS 9 jailbreak, the report details. It’s mostly for people who like to customize their phones beyond what Apple normally lets you do. Since it seems unlikely that Apple will slow down the annual update cycle in the face of competition from Android, we may have to get used to more small updates.

Jailbreak Finally Out For Advanced Users