IPhone 6s prototype and display show up in new photos

Force Touch debuted on the Apple Watch earlier this year, and Apple recently added it to the trackpad of its new MacBook and MacBook Pro models as well.


Leaked images of Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) upcoming iPhone 6s have appeared on theInternet. But based on everything we know, it looks like there will be only one major distinguishing feature between this new iPhone and last year’s iPhone 6.

The thing to remember is that these leaks are not always correct so it’s best to take them with a grain of salt.

Some unconfirmed reports also suggest that Apple could release a smaller, 4-inch iPhone besides the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, however, many analysts and experts believe that this initiative could be quite unlikely. Assuming that it’s not doing well, Apple may be able to put together enough sapphire glass for the new iPhone 6s or Iphone 7 in that scenario.

The new Force Touch technology basically uses force sensors which are used to detect the amount of pressure which is being applied to a specific area.

As we learned in a new leak on Monday morning, Apple’s next-generation iPhone 6s will be thicker than the current flagship iPhone model. Apple has shown interest in upgrading the RAM, as well as a new iOS version.

iPhone 6 Plus had to face a lot of criticism due to Bendgate where customers could twist the phone under specific conditions. The exact release date for the iPhone 7 is shroud in mystery but if Apple is consistent at all September is looking to be the month of revelation. It could also mean a bigger, longer lasting battery. Retail chief Angela Ahrendts told staff in a memo seen by the Telegraph that not every new Apple product would be launched in this manner. Q3 2015: iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac & App Store hold 33% Revenue Growth.

Due to the functionality of this feature, Apple has decided to incorporate it in many of its upcoming devices. Apple may have been playing make up for lost time with Android in a few regions of its working framework, yet in iOS 8 there’s a consistency of experience that some different stages need, also the tremendous designer backing and an application experience that is hard to coordinate.

Another interesting fact that was pointed out by MacWorld is the possibility that the rumored iPhone 7 is the same as iPhone 6s.


Two additional leaked renders can be seen below, and the rest can be found by following the link down in our source section.

IPhone 6s prototype and display show up in new photos