Johnny Depp Drops a Bombshell saying He is Retiring

The legendary actor, producer and musician Johnny Depp has plans to retire early. In a recent interview to BBC, Pirates of the Caribbean star said that it is very much possible that The Lone Ranger may have been the last movie in which he acted. He was being philosophical during the interview as he said that he is fed up of speaking many more words in a rehearsed manner than he speaks naturally. According to him, It is really insane that he uses written words more often than the words that come naturally to his mind. When asked if he was quitting right now, Johnny said that though he was not doing it today, the decision may not be too far away.


Not surprisingly, Johnny has talked about retirement earlier also. In June this year, he was quoted as saying that heJohnny-Depp-Says-He-May-Retire-From-Acting-Soon-erica-vain-1024x576 wants to relax but when he is idle, he feels weird and nasty as he cannot sit idle. Well, for all Johnny Depp fans, this is good news as we will continue to see him as he cannot sit back and relax. He is currently working on Into the Woods, Alice in Wonderland, and the final version Pirates of the Caribbean. But this latest interview given to BBC has certainly made it clear that Johnny does not want to continue acting for a long time.

Johnny may have turned 50 but his looks defy his age. He looks as ravishing as ever and as innocent and full of youth as he was when he entered into Hollywood. But age does not leave even the most celebrated of the legends from its clutches as ruthless time marches on. Probably Johnny has made up his mind this time around, spurred by the failure of The Lone Ranger that is being speculated to lose close to $100 million. Depp made his debut way back in the 80’s with the TV series 21 Jump Street. He entered Hollywood with the help of Tim Burton and acted in movies like Sleepy Hollow, Alice in Wonderland, and Edward Scissorhands. He was nominated for the Oscars thrice. He immortalized the character of Captain Jack Sparrow in The Pirates of the Caribbean.

johnny-depp-retirementJohnny Depp’s sentiments on retirement echo those made by fellow star Brad Pitt who said he would like to quit some time soon. Pitt is 49, the same age as Johnny, and the two stalwarts at standing on a crossroad in their careers where they would like to diversify, probably as a producer.

However, Johnny Depp cannot take retirement right now even if he wished so. This is because the fifth sequel to The Pirates of the Caribbean is currently being completed, and it will see the light of the day sometime in 2015 only. Depp has also said yes to a comic thrilled titled Mortdecai, and the sequel to Alice in Wonderland is also being made right now.

Do not lose heart, all you Johnny Depp fans as the star may yet change his decision to retire.