Jonah Goldberg: Tighter regulation would probably make Facebook more profitable

Pressed about bias, Zuckerberg said that “Facebook and the tech industry are located in Silicon Valley, which is an extremely left-leaning place”, but added that he is committed to “making sure that we do not have any bias”. Speaking to the gravity of the situation, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg traveled down to Capitol Hill this week where he fielded pointed questions from lawmakers about data privacy and a range of other issues. Many developers, McNamee said, were dipping into users’ friends lists to reach new people, and that fed directly into Facebook’s business plan.


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Facebook and Britain’s Information Commissioner’s Office is still investigating the Cambridge Analytica brief.

Zuckerberg’s ignorance was presumably limited to the term and its usage rather than the concept itself, since Facebook offers non-members the ability to request their personal data. Even before the Cambridge Analytica scandal hit the headlines, eMarketer, a market research company, estimated that Facebook will lose 2 million users ages 24 and younger this year.

All told, Facebook’s stock has gained about 4.5% since the start of trading Tuesday morning. This is much different to Europe, which has more rigid rules about personal data. At the bottom of the notification, in fine print, read: “A small number of people who logged into This Is Your Digital Life also shared their own news feed, timeline, posts and messages, which may have included posts and messages from you”.

Facebook will soon be governed by stricter privacy controls in Europe, and Zuckerberg said he would extend those privacy protections, which take effect in May, to Facebook users in the U.S.

Similarly, citizens can not be told that we do not have the adequate mechanisms to safeguard their personal information being shared “happily” on such sites, she added. Zuckerberg quickly answered “No” before elaborating on how the social network requires permission of a device’s microphone in order to record audio with video. “I’m aware that there may be, but we are working with them”.

You might never join Facebook, but a zombie you – sewn together from scattered bits of your personal data – is still sitting there in sort-of-stasis on its servers waiting to be properly animated if you do sign up for the service.

Many of your users, including me, are pretty creeped out by what we’ve learned. “In retrospect it was clearly a mistake to believe them”, he said.

But the questioning from members of Congress, most of whom are old enough to be the 33-year-old Zuckerberg’s grandparents, was excruciating to watch.

Fraser said if he were a politician, he could ascertain who would be unlikely to vote for him by campaigning door-to-door.

This seems to be an issue women are more concerned with: 49 percent of surveyed women and 31 percent of male panelists would like Facebook to do something about toxic content.


CORNISH: I want to go back to the controversy that led to these hearings that the political firm Cambridge Analytica got data on millions of Facebook users without their consent – any news on that front? “He is central to Facebook’s future success and as founder and CEO of the company has a high public profile”.

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