Judge: Kim Davis’ office must issue marriage licenses

“If I resign”, she confessed, “I lose my voice”. “The worst case scenario would be to send her to jail again”.


When asked if she would deny these friends marriage licenses as well, Davis said that she already had. Davis insisted that all her sins were lost “into a sea of forgetfulness” she found after giving herself to Christ. (Same-sex marriage licenses are available elsewhere in Kentucky.) She is targeted, as are Christian bakers, florists and other business people for financial ruin and imprisonment explicitly for acting on faith in Jesus Christ. “Washed clean”. Indeed, her attorneys repeatedly told the court that only the governor or the legislature could alter the wording of those licenses and that was the accommodation she was asking for so that the licenses would not go out under her name or authority. ‘The ACLU’s motion to again hold Kim Davis in contempt reveals that their interest is not the license but rather a marriage license bearing the name of Kim Davis. She has no right as a government employee to deny a person a marriage license on the grounds that it goes against her religion. Eight years later, the American people, through their elected representatives ratified the 13 amendment to the Constitution reversing the Court. “They live here now, they’ve made it their home because it’s so progressive”, he said.

“Why should I quit a job that I love that I’m good at?” she said.

Davis’ stance has drawn intrigue, reverence, scrutiny and scorn.

“I’ve been called Hitler”. Webster has a word for folks who say one thing and then do another. Jailing her allowed for her to face the consequences of her actions. “My constituents elected me”, she explains, “but the main authority that rules my life is the Lord”.

Knowing jail might be the effect, why did Davis decide not to comply with the judge’s order?


Davis disagrees with a statement by one of the people initially blocked from receiving a marriage license in which the person “finally felt human” after receiving a marriage license. I don’t think that should have to be the outcome. “Just because you’re trying to grant someone religious rights doesn’t mean that in the same stroke you can take away someone else’s human rights”. She was greeted at the Carter County Detention Center by a crowd of thousands and a church choir, flanked by her attorney and Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. “This argument is unpersuasive because Davis has created her own risk of harm by violating a valid order issued by this court”. Both Davis and the couples questioned the validity of the altered documents. “That’s what it was all about”, she said. She’d also like her critics to stop judging her. “When I didn’t live for God, I didn’t live for him”.

Kim Davis on Same-Sex Marriage Licenses: 'They're Not Valid in God's Eyes'