Jurassic Park 04: The Release Is Delayed

Jurassic Park series can be considered a cult classic in the sci-fi genre of film making. This film series has created revolutions in the visual arena upon its release, and people are always too enthusiastic to enter ‘THE JURASSIC PARK’. The first two parts, Jurassic Park and The Lost World were big Hits in the world box office, but the third sequel was panned by the critics and the audiences alike. Jurassic Park 4 is the upcoming sequel of Jurassic Park and it will be directed by Colin Trevorrow. The news about this movie was always ruling the headlines for the past one year, and the latest news about this movie has actually disappointed millions of people who were eagerly waiting to enter JURASSIC PARK. The release date of this movie was earlier scheduled on June 13, 2014, but now Universal Pictures have delayed the release of this long awaited sequel.


According to reliable sources, Universal Pictures has delayed the release to make the movie top notch in all aspects. Filmmakers have given ample time to work on the film, so that viewers will get the best possible sequel of Jurassic Park. Universal Pictures are really satisfied in the way Collin Trevorrow has conveyed the film, and they expected this movie to be a benchmark for sci-fi adventure movies. Collin Trevorrow and his crew are working hard to make this project the most memorable one in the Hollywood history. Clebrity Insider

When the delay news was spread, it created huge negative ways among the crew members, and many of them tweeted that the production was halted. This project was in the news headlines from the first day of its introduction till Universal Pictures finalized Collin Trevorrow, the director of the impeccable movie, Safety Not Guaranteed was finalized. Universal Pictures had also asked Collin Trevorrow to rework on the script with his writing mate Derek Conolly. Both of them have penned the script for ‘Safety Not Guaranteed’ and it has received rave reviews from all the corners.

Universal Pictures have also met with David Oyelowo and Bryce Dallas to cast as lead characters in the movie. The Production Company is very keen to kick start the movie in sky rocketing speed after the rework of the script is completed. The rest of the star cast is yet to be finalized, but Universal Pictures have already started to find the best suitable faces for the characters in the movie.


The original script of this movie is penned by Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver, and they are renowned for writing the script of ‘Rise of the planet of the apes’. Universal Pictures expects that writing duo, Collin Trevorrow and Derek Conolly will rework the script to perfection. Anyway, delay is not a good thing for any movie, but film buffs hope that the delay will be for a good cause.


Summary: Movie lovers will have to wait a few more months to enter the Jurassic Park. They will have to wait for an unknown date, as Universal Pictures changed the releasing date from June 13, 2014. If the delay will make the movie topnotch, then it will be a thrilling experience to enter the JURASSIC PARK once again.