Just Before You Decide to Upgrade Your Iphone?

However, there are also many bugs that make some of iOS 11’s features less usable. We can also make some shortcuts to notes, Alarm, Apple TV remote, Low Power Mode and much more by customising the control.


The potentially serious consequences of secretly recording people on iOS 11 is not the only issue with the new platform. Follow the below steps to activate this feature. Starting with iOS 11, apps would now have to have include the While Using the App option if they wanted to collection location data.

There are lot’s of situations we can find ourselves in where we need help but we can’t contact the police. The only thing that needs to do is scanning the QR code using the mobile camera. At this point, if a developer hasn’t updated their app yet, they probably aren’t going to.

If you have not noticed this feature yet, go to your app’s menu page.

Do not disturb while driving feature is present in iOS 11. However you won’t see the multitasking that the iPad has and of course the Apple Pencil won’t work with the iPhone. Once you’ve finished recording your screen, press this red bar and a pop-up will appear and you can either press cancel to continue recording, or press Stop to end the recording.

Turning off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth once we no longer use it has become a commonplace. Similarly, to fully switch off Bluetooth, head to the Bluetooth section in Settings and then turn off Bluetooth.

Like it or not, Apple has chose to keep your iPhone’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on for quite a lot of “important features” even after you swipe up from the bottom of the display and toggle off the two connectivity options’ respective buttons. It takes a little more time than it would take from Control Center, but at least you don’t have to worry about Wi-Fi or Bluetooth running in the background.


Apple revamped its Control Center with the launch of iOS 11 and while the feature promises more control over a number of features, it actually makes it more hard for users to turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Screengrab via Christina Bonnington