Justin Bieber and Usher face copyright lawsuit over Somebody To Love track

With the recent purge on Instagram, Justin Bieber lost more than 3.5m fans, December 23, 2014.


Listen to both songs and be the judge…at least before the trial.

The previous court decision found that there were significant differences between the first “Somebody to Love” and Bieber’s version, however, this time the court focused on the similarities between the two. Allegedly, Usher heard Copeland’s music and showed interest in working with him, but then lifted the song with Bieber afterwards, resulting in a new track.

Apparently, it has been claimed that the alleged track which have gathered greater than 305 million views on the web sounded very comparable and equivalent in rhythm and melody to De Rico and Mareio Overton’s music that was launched in 2008 beneath the identical title.

The judge wrote that Bieber’s and the Virginia pair’s songs were different in other ways.

Discussions allegedly took place between the parties.

Mario and Devin actually wrote ‘Somebody to Love’ back in the year 2008 and claims the music is played for Usher.

Usher ultimately gave the song to Bieber-which was released in 2010-and appeared on a remix of the record.

The plaintiffs’ lawyer Duncan Byers said that the appeals court “recognized what my clients have said all along: It’s the same melody and the same chorus”.

Bieber’s single reached No. 15 on Billboard’s pop chart and sold more than 1 million copies, helping to catapult “My World 2.0” to multiplatinum sales. If you were on the jury, would you nail the Biebs?