Kavanaugh’s Accuser Willing To Testify, But She Has Conditions

Now, Ford’s willingness to negotiate to appear later next week sets up the most dramatic and politically significant she-said-he-said since Anita Hill testified at the reopened Senate hearings on Justice Clarence Thomas’ nomination to the court. The Senate Judiciary Committee has yet to see it.


It is something, she said, that was not surprising to hear given the culture of drinking and partying, but she remembers being struck by the “gravity” of what was being talked about. The FBI said on Tuesday that the case is not in their jurisdiction. On the Senate Judiciary Committee zero Republicans are women. “We’ve all made clear this is her chance”.

How might that have to work?

Miranda later removed the post, explaining, cryptically, that the post “served its objective”, and that she “was not ready” for the media attention the post garnered – even though NBC News and other outlets reported Miranda’s claims as a major break in the Kavanaugh story. “I think it all depends on what she decides to do”.

During the 2016 campaign, at least 15 women accused Trump of misbehavior ranging from sexual harassment and sexual assault to lewd behavior around women.

US Capitol Police said 56 protesters were arrested in Senate office buildings during demonstrations against Kavanaugh on Thursday.

Republicans want to conclude the nomination process quickly.

Testifying Monday, however, “is not possible and the Committee’s insistence that it occur then is arbitrary in any event”, Ford’s lawyers wrote. He was at the White House on Thursday for the fourth consecutive day, as he prepares for possible testimony.

McConnell told the crowd that a way he can measure the success of his tenure as the top Republican in the Senate is by how angry Democrats are with what he does. Kavanaugh has repeatedly denied the allegations.

Why did Feinstein wait so long?

On Friday, it remained unclear how the hearing would proceed on Kavanaugh.

The woman’s attorneys called the date set by Republicans “arbitrary”, according to multiple U.S. news reports.

Joe Walsh, a former Republican congressman from IL, was less tempered in his criticism. Having an outside counsel would seem too much like a trial, her attorney told the committee.

She has requested that Kavanaugh’s high school friend Mark Judge be subpoenaed to testify, a move that a committee staffer said was unlikely because it is not traditional for a committee to subpoena for nominations.

Twelve of Prof Ford’s family members have written an open letter, posted on Twitter, in which they call her “highly ethical”, adding that “her honesty is above reproach”. Her lawyer told CNN she’s now receiving death threats over the allegation.

Katz said Ford’s “strong preference” is that “a full investigation” be completed before she testifies.

At issue are logistics – Christine Blasey Ford’s security, her questioners, the placement of reporters and who is allowed in the hearing room.

It’s against the law to lie to Congress, but lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation is considered really serious. The FBI has said it is not investigating the matter, a decision backed by Republicans.

Exactly. All this is also taking place amid a thick bramble of political maneuvering. “Who is not asking the FBI to investigate these claims?”

Republicans have resisted all Democratic efforts to slow and perhaps block Kavanaugh’s confirmation.


“Dr. Ford was reluctantly thrust into the public spotlight only two days ago”, Ford’s attorney said in a statement Wednesday.

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