Kim Davis accused of tampering with marriage certificates

Davis was released from jail on September 8 after she agreed not to interfere with deputy clerks issuing marriage licenses.


Davis may have gone further than that, the lawyer for deputy Rowan County court clerk Brian Mason said in an update report Friday to a federal judge.

However, Davis’s employees say she has now tampered with the paperwork issued to gay couples, potentially making their marriage licences invalid.

Davis has tried to get an accommodation for her beliefs, even saying the licenses could be issued under the authority of the governor or a court order, but so far she has had no luck.

Davis struck out her name, the county’s name, and references to deputy clerks from marriage license forms after she returned to work Monday following her imprisonment, Hughes reportedly wrote.

Kentucky clerk Kim Davis violated a court order not to interfere with marriage licenses issued by her office, according to an attorney for her deputy.

Bunning asked the five deputy clerks to file status reports every 14 days to detail their compliance with his order to issue marriage licenses.

Kim Davis, a government worker, infringed upon the rights of those who would like to have a same-sex marriage certificate. Tonight’s revelation could qualify as interference as legal experts had already called the validity of the marriage licenses into question before Davis’ alterations; with her changes (which appear to violate state law) a new round of legal hearings will inevitably ensue.

Davis’ attorneys stated the licenses issued Friday will not be “well worth the paper they’re written on” as a result of Davis didn’t authorize them.

However, he is concerned that changes to the licenses have resulted in “substantial questions about validity”, Richard Hughes, an attorney for Mason, wrote Friday.

It is unclear exactly what would happen if Mr Mason were absent from work, though Hughes said the other staff would be required to issue the paperwork.


“If there’s any attempt here to accuse Ms. Davis of wrongdoing or insinuate that she’s somehow doing something wrong, we would completely disagree with that”, said Roger Gannam, an attorney for Davis. He has declined interview requests, and it is not clear what relationship he has with Davis.

Rowan County Deputy Clerk Brian Mason left asks Shannon Wampler-Collins right and her partner Carmen Wampler Collins to double check their marriage license at the Rowan County Judicial Center in Morehead Ky. Monday Sept. 14 2015. Rowan County Clerk