Know more about release of Microsoft Windows 10

Terry Myerson, the executive leading the development of Windows (along with all of Microsoft’s hardware after last month’s reorganization), in a blog post Thursday revealed a few more details on the timeline of the latest Windows release.


Microsoft has also updated the Photos app and the Snipping Tool, while specific bug fixes were released for Windows 10 on Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3 tablets.

Back in June, Microsoft announced Windows 10 would be set for release on 29 July.

The slow roll-out is in part because Windows 10 is in very high demand. Currently, some 1.5 billion people use versions of Windows worldwide. Individual users, on the other hand, will have to reserve their copies ahead of time. Microsoft tools would check your system to ensure that it fully complies and it compatible with the requirements of Windows 10 before prompting you for an upgrade. Unfortunately, those that are awaiting the free update might not be getting the update on July 29th.

Many, including myself, have been nervously anticipating the release of Windows 10. There are new effects for the Windows 10 live tiles, as well as various sizes to better fit your configuration.

This is probably a smart move by Windows, as a gradual roll out especially first to the ones who clearly are fans of Windows will help them crease out all the bugs before it is rolled out to the world. Some Windows Vista and Windows XP users will need to purchase a new PC to get the upgrade. And for those whose systems are not ready for an upgrade yet, Microsoft will also follow up directly with more details on how to upgrade.

The blog post mentioned that there are now five million Windows Insiders, which rose from 3.7 million in May. Native support for DVD playback is no longer supported, but you’ll be able to install third-party video players that can handle it. Windows Media Center isn’t available for Windows 10.


Windows 10 – from what we have seen on the preview builds so far – has been shaping out to be a pretty solid improvement over the two years old, Windows 8.1.

The final version of Windows 10 will be available for download on July 29. – AFP  Relaxnews pic