Kris Jenner addresses the real paternity of Kylie’s baby

Jenner and boyfriend Travis Scott welcomed Stormi on February 1. While Kylie “hasn’t started working out yet”, she is already “eating healthy and taking care of herself”. Well, I must say Kylie Jenner is very smart and matured for her age, isn’t she? She revealed that she gained 40 pounds, roughly 18 kilos, while pregnant but later deleted that tweet.


She also noted that she hasn’t touched an Eggo since giving birth.

Jenner said she loves “all” of Stormi, although one of her favorite features is her daughter’s “little toes”. The “contract” between the two supposedly has a list of strict rules Travis has to abide by.

While sushi was off-limits, Kylie said being pregnant even changed her food preferences. Now only time will tell when Kylie gets married to Travis.

“She’s lovely”, he told TMZ. “I think that was just a bunch of silly rumors as usual”, Jenner quickly replied. Kylie Jenner showed off her slim figure by wearing a cropped black top during a night out in Hollywood. She noted: “She hasn’t laughed yet, but she smiles A LOT…”

‘Need a cough drop?’ she wrote in the photo’s caption. “He’s really, really great, really attentive, and couldn’t be cuter with Kylie”. Teen Vogue stated that Kylie adopted the grey bunny back in 2015 and proudly displayed him on various social media websites.

As for the Kardashian baby boom, Kris was quick to gush over the growing family during her radio interview.


She captioned a snap of the pair, dressed in lace-up black pants and a black crop-top with the caption: ‘Back at it again’.

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