Labour MP calls snap general election a ‘vanity project’

The Greens have also highlighted afresh the gaps within the British voting system – just 24% of the United Kingdom voted the Conservatives in at the last general election, the other 76% of the country’s vote being split between Labour, the Liberal Democrats, the Green party and UKIP.


An aide later insisted Labour will vote to hold the election, but declined to say whether a three-line whip will be imposed.

Meanwhile, a prominent backbench critic of the leader announced that he wanted to stand for re-election as a Labour MP but would not endorse Mr Corbyn for Prime Minister.

However, Mr Corbyn has refused to stay that he will stand down if his party suffers a disastrous defeat on June 8.

Whether his personal popularity can outweigh Jeremy Corbyn’s negative impact on the party’s support will make the race in London especially interesting.

They’ve done everything in their substantial power to toxify the Labour brand since Corbyn won the leadership.

Despite repeatedly denying that she would call an election before the next scheduled poll in 2020 she instead has called for elections for June 8, just under two months away.

“Every vote for the Conservatives will make it harder for opposition politicians who want to stop me from getting the job done”, May said.

Voters will have to ask themselves a question: what kind of country do we want to live in?

SNP leader and Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon argued that TV debates should go ahead without Mrs May.

Here, where the local member of parliament is a Conservative but most people voted a year ago to stay in the European Union, May’s party has to win back those who disagree with her plans for a decisive break with the EU.

“I don’t think other parties will refuse to take part in debates, and I wonder whether Number 10 will stick with that, because it may look a bit odd if other parties are facing audiences and making their case”, Mr Dimbleby told Radio 4’s PM.

Ms Cooper’s performance was praised by the shadow health secretary, Jonathan Ashworth, the shadow local government minister, Rebecca Blackman-Woods and former deputy leader Harriet Harman among others.

The film was shot by Katherine Jack, while she attended the event with her son.

But current opinion polls suggest that Mrs May will lead her party to a position of greater strength in parliament, and that Labour will suffer deep losses. One MP present told Sky News: “He read from a speech”. There is not a day that goes by when I don’t feel grateful he’s our leader with John McDonnell as his wing man, and the recent policy announcements have put a real spring in my step. Their size and resources seem to be inversely proportionate to how prepared they are: the Lib Dems say they have already selected around 400 candidates to contest seats, while Labour hasn’t selected any candidates in seats it doesn’t hold. From last summer onwards, candidate selections were anticipating an early election.


The deadline for applications is Friday evening.

Britain s snap election spells trouble for Labour experts