Lernstift: A Digital Pen That Checks Spelling Errors

What have you done till now to check on the spellings of the text you created? Probably you did it manually if you wrote the text on paper or through a spell check provided by the software such as MS Word, right? But now you have a digital pen that will warn you through vibrations whenever you make a spelling mistake while writing text on a piece of paper. If you do not believe me, take a look at the hardware and the software fitted inside a marvel of an object that is the handiwork of two German developers Falk Wolsky and Daniel Kaesmacher.



Lernstift is a German word that means to learn, and this digital pen is great for those learning a language. Imagine thatDigital Pen the pen starts to vibrate as soon as you write likie tish and not like this. The pen is in its pilot project right now and the designer duo is asking for donations on Kickstarter. They have a goal to raise $183000 to produce the digital pen on a commercial scale. The duo has incorporated handwriting recognition software that automatically detects wrong spelling and starts to vibrate. The idea came from the suggestions of the wife of Wolsky who was tired of helping her son correct mistakes while doing his homework.


Lernstift-smartpenThe software inside the pen recognizes the characters written by the user and matches them with the words stored in the dictionary inside it. It is designed to vibrate when it fails to find a match of the word written by the user. It is an intelligent pen that reads when you write and alerts you through its vibrations whenever you make a mistake (spelling). This artificial intelligence is the result of a Linux system embedded inside the pen that works like the brain of the pen. This small computer is powered by a single AA cell which means that the running cost of the pen is ridiculously low. This small computer inside the pen has a processor, a small memory, motion sensor, a vibration module, and it is also Wi-Fi. This means you can connect the pen to your smartphone or a laptop to upload the text you have written through internet. You can also share your piece on social networking sites instantly if that is you desire.


While the prototype of the pen is ready, it is only able to check spelling mistakes, The designer duo is hopeful to make digital pens in near future that will be able to detect grammatical mistakes as well. This will be a boon for children learning new languages and it will help them in improving their writing skills tremendously. The pen does not need any additional things other than a simple paper and a sample of writing form the user to recognize his characters and math the spelling with the words in its database.



This digital pen to provide physical feedback to the writer is believed to be a boon for students desirous of improving their writing skills.